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GOMOTEXT offers access to a number of web-based applications, which enable companies to effectively outsource all technical software development and hardware requirements, as well as development costs, and instead focus on other aspects of their business, such as sales and marketing.

All of the applications listed below can be white labeled, fully branded and resold. They all also provide support for managing your user base, such as mailing lists and statistics. For additional details, please visit the appropriate section.

Our Products

Mobile Marketing Campaign Manager
Mobile Campaign Manager (MCM) is an exceptionally powerful hosted platform for managing any kind of Mobile Marketing or Call2Action Campaign. MCM offers an easy to configure messaging platform.
SMS Reminders Suite
If you run a professional or personal services business that depends on appointments or reservations and keep a strict schedule, you need to curtail missed opportunities. Every no show means wasted time and money.
Multimedia Content Delivery System
Content Management Delivery System (CMDS) is an exceptionally powerful hosted platform for the delivery of multimedia content and interactive messaging services to mobile handsets.
SMS Gateway
GOMOTEXT provides client’s access to a SMS Gateway using which the SMS messages can be sent or received in real time. Our SMS gateway provides affordable access to all of the major U.S. and international carriers.