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SMS Gateway

GOMOTEXT provides client’s access to a SMS Gateway using which the SMS messages can be sent or received in real time. Our SMS gateway provides affordable access to all of the major U.S. carriers, as well as carriers throughout the world. Please see our Coverage page for more details.

Simply connect your application, and you can be sending and receiving SMS over a short code in minutes. Our gateway can be accessed through an HTTP API or SOAP Web Service.

The incoming SMS text messages can be forwarded to your servers using HTTP POST or GET. Our system will forward messages that are sent to your short code or keyword to your server or application for further processing.

The v2.0 SOAP and HTTP API specification can be downloaded by clicking here

Key Features

  • Connection to TIER-1 Aggregator
  • SOAP and HTTP APIs
  • Add and manage lists
  • Search keywords
  • Add or delete users
  • Message Delivery Reports
  • Shared and Dedicated Codes
  • Schedule SMS Blasts
  • Get Message Delivery Status
  • And a Lot More