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SMS Reminders Suite

If you run a professional or personal services business that depends on appointments or reservations and keep a strict schedule, you need to curtail missed opportunities. Every no show means wasted time and money. SMS Reminder Suite is a robust automated system of increasing revenues and customer satisfactions. This service is being used by our clients in Health Care, Auto Industry, Educational Institutions, Political Campaigns and rest of the Service Industry. Being effective, easy and economical -it is also incredibly simple to setup and start sending SMS reminders with our easy to use web interface.

Key Features

    • Add new contacts to your account and set appointment times
    • Create unlimited templates to send reminders without having to type each individual message
    • Manage the Reminder Queue, cancel scheduled reminders
    • Monitor Opt-Outs and automated removals
    • Request and track client appointment confirmations
    • Integrate the capability into existing appointment scheduling system using our APIs

Some Applications

  • Patient Appointment reminders
  • Prescription refill reminders
  • Service Appointment reminders
  • Oil Change reminders
  • Warranty reminders
  • Service Completion Notice
  • Political Voting Reminders
  • Utility Bill Due reminders