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Frequently asked questions

Q. What does “Messaging Credits” mean?

Each time you send a message to a mobile phone, you are charged one credit. If you will be receiving incoming messages, but will not be providing a text message response, you will be charged a credit for the incoming message.

Q. Do unused messaging credits rollover to the next month?

Message credits included in our plans do not roll over. Each month on your billing date, the credits are reset to your plan amount. In addition to the monthly included credits, bulk credits can be purchased that do not expire.

Q. Am I locked into a contract? Can I cancel?

Most Standard Rate SMS campaigns with GOMOTEXT are for a 3 month term after which they automatically switch over to a month to month plan. After 3 months you can cancel at any time by contacting your account manager or by opening a cancellation ticket on our support portal. Be sure to cancel before your billing date. We can’t give partial month refunds.

Q. Which wireless carriers fo you support?

GOMOTEXT currently support AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Nextel, Boost, Cellular One, US Cellular, Cincinnati Bell, Alltel, T-Mobile and most of the other TIER 2 Carriers within US.

For our international coverage, please click here.

Q. Can you help setup a dedicated shortcode?

Yes, We will complete the CSCA application on your behalf in conjunction with your overall GOMOTEXT application at no additional charge. A specialist will work with you to advise you on specific Carrier policies and procedures, and to help you prepare a brief describing your program which will get submitted to one of our preferred TIER 1 aggregators or one of your choice.

Q. Where can I get your SMS Gateway API specification document?

We offer HTTP as well as SOAP webservice to access our SMS Gateway. We strongly encourage existing clients to use the NEW v2.0 SOAP and HTTP API since v1.0 API will be discontinued shortly.

The v2.0 SOAP and HTTP API specification can be downloaded by clicking here.

Q. Do you guys support Premium SMS or Reverse Billing?

Yes, we support Premium SMS on Dedicated and our Shared short codes. Please contact our sales department for more details at 1-866-436-9011 x210

Q. Can I use your service outside of US?

Yes, our service can be used in most countries in Asia and Europe as well, however the pricing model works differently for these markets. Please contact our sales department for more details at 1-866-436-9011 x201 or by clicking here

Q. Once I register a keyword, for how long do I own it?

Your keyword remains in your account for as long as you make the monthly payments. If you cancel your account or fail to make your payment, the keyword becomes available for others to register after 30 days.

Q. What is the best was to upload/add phone numbers to campaign manager lists?

If you have any existing list, you can add these number manually once you are logged into the Campaign Manager. If you have a big existing list that you need imported, please contact us.

Q. Do I need a special software on my PC to use the Campaign Manager?

No software is required. You can access the Campaign Manager using any web browser from a PC connected to the Internet.

Q. What if I just want to run a one-time campaign?

No Worries, we support clients who would like to run short one time campaigns. Please contact us and we can help you get started

Q. What if I need more credits than the monthly package includes?

You can upgrade or downgrade your account at any time. If you find you are running low on credits, simply contact our representative to request an upgrade.

Expert Advise

Brett Adkins:
For all premium campaigns, make sure that CTA includes terms such as Msg&Data rates May Apply, Txt STOP to cxl or HELP for info. For support visit
Angela Woon:
Use of the word “free” varies by carrier. However, when there are no fees or charges other than standard messaging and data charges, synonyms (i.e. complimentary, promotional, no charge) are supported by all carriers and must be used with the phrase “Msg & Data Rates may apply”.
Brij Mohan:
STOP and HELP keywords must work in the native language of the program. In a non-English campaign, the English keyword must not return an error message.