By Dr. Roni Dhar, PhD

In a time when a lot of people are spending less and less money shopping, it is only wise to find a marketing campaign that is cost effective and efficient in reaching your potential customers. Mobile marketing is the solution that you might be looking for. In fact, a lot of retail companies are already reaping the benefits of advertising through SMS or mobile devices. Maybe the time is ripe for you to consider using this type of promotional strategy too. Below is an overview of the different types of premium SMS projects you can undertake as part of you marketing campaign.

One of the first things that companies do when starting a mobile marketing campaign is to get short code solutions, which can be a dedicated short code or a shared short code. Basically, short codes are your own personal business marketing address. You need this service for your mobile campaigns. For example, if your customer wants to know the services that your company is providing, they can access short codes to get the information they need. In fact, even politicians during the last elections used mobile short codes to reach and communicate with voters.

SMS Alerts is one of the most popular mobile marketing solutions you can use. For a minimal fee per month, this service can provide your potential customers or subscriber base with promotional content or free information about your product, company or anything that is related to the products that you sell or services that you provide. You can either send message information manually or, if your subscriber list is huge, you can fully automate your message alert sending procedure using existing tools of your business or company. News agencies make use of this service to provide weather reports, investment news and even stock market updates. Meanwhile, retailers use SMS Alert to provide sale announcements and other promotional campaigns.

SMS Voting and SMS Contests are also popular types of mobile marketing. More often than not, SMS Voting is used by television programs and in national events to enable viewers to choose who they want to win in a contest, for example, or a certain survey or poll. Meanwhile, SMS contests are used as a venue for customers to join or participate in promos and contests. Instead of dropping forms or tickets in drop boxes, you could ask your customers to send promo codes via SMS if they want to participate in a contest or competition that your company is sponsoring. Other popular types of SMS solutions include SMS Gateway, SMS Classified, and SMS Feedback.

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About the Author:

Roni Dhar is the founder and president of GOMOTEXT.COM which is based in Lewisville, TX and has assembled one of the most technologically advanced mobile marketing platforms in the industry to help brand marketers, agencies, wireless carriers and content providers engage consumers one-on-one via mobile marketing campaigns. The company leverages long-term relationships in music, sports and entertainment to develop campaigns for its customers that include mobile messaging, mobile content provisioning and delivery.