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Carrier Relationship Management

To do any SMS messaging in the US, a short code must be leased from the Common Short Code Administration (CSCA). The CSCA charges $500 per month to lease a Random short code and $1,000 per month to lease a Vanity code (5 or 6 digit short code that you specifically select). These fees do not establish connectivity, but only give you ownership of a unique, or “dedicated” short code number.

We will complete the CSCA application on your behalf in conjunction with your overall GOMOTEXT application at no additional charge.

In case you wish to avoid the upfront investment and ongoing monthly costs, as an alternate solution, you can instantly be set up on one of our short codes.

In either case we will brand and provide you access to our MMA Compliant Campaign Manager SMS Platform to manage your Mobile Marketing Programs.

Connectivity with Carriers

Once we have registered a live commercial short code, the next step is to activate it on each Carrier’s network to establish connectivity to your wireless customers. A GOMOTEXT specialist will work with you to advise you on specific Carrier policies and procedures, and to help you prepare a brief describing your program which will get submitted to a TIER 1 Aggregator. We will help you every step of the way from setup to certification.

It usually takes from 8-12 weeks to get your own short code set up. However, some short codes can take significantly longer based on the aggregator, complexity and type of the campaigns. For additional information about obtaining your own short code, please give us a call at 1-866-436-9011 and ask to speak with a short code specialist