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Mobile Marketing Services

GomoText has created a variety of customized mobile solutions for educational and governmental institutions, brands, content providers, advertising agencies and other organizations. Depending on your objectives and needs, we can provide you Shared and Dedicated Short Codes, Premium SMS, SMS broadcasting, IVR, WAP or other interactive mobile messaging needs. Let GomoText provide your mobile solution today.

Below is a list of the most frequently asked about mobile solutions. Browse through these solutions and find the mobile solution that best fits your needs.

Mobile Realtime!
Mobile Realtime Our suite of REALTIME! solutions are specifically created for live events such as concerts, sporting events, trade shows, conferences and all other outdoor forums.
Mobile Quiz
Mobile Quiz Want to quiz your audience and keep them engaged during live sporting events, shows, or through live television? Send a multiple choice or true and false mobile quiz! You can even reward those who answer correctly with a Mobile Coupon or sweepstake entries.
Mobile Coupons
Mobile Coupons No need to carry those cumbersome, half-torn coupons – just show your phone! Send coupons via SMS text messages for your clients to redeem in store!
Mobile Voting & Surveys
Mobile Voting Would you like to see Hilary or Obama as President? Mobile Voting allows you to set up fun, interactive voting polls with up to the minute bar graphs to track the response. Also, our system allows for responses to be sent directly to your server to showcase them on your own animation – all in real time!
Mobile Sweepstakes
Mobile Sweeps Have you played Deal or No Deal Lucky Briefcase game? Why not create your own interactive Television Sweepstakes and generate immediate revenue. With GomoText, you can create your own Text 2 Win contests.
Mobile Alerts
Mobile Alerts Reach thousands of people within seconds to provide alerts and updates! No matter how common emails have become, SMS text messages are more efficient and effective.
Mobile Subscriptions
Mobile Subscriptions Whether it’s sending daily horoscopes or weekly weekend events in your area, Mobile Subscriptions allow you send SMS messages every day, week or month to your mobile fan club.
SMS Broadcasts
Mobile Broadcasts Do you need to reach an audience in a timely manner? GomoText has sent millions of messages for various organizations. Let GomoText’s mobile messaging solution do the same for you.