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Strategic Consulting

Design Phase

Our consulting service has created mobile campaigns that cross many industries, each having their own unique set of objectives. We understand that SMS messaging is, at its foundation, a tool to disseminate a message effectively and efficiently. Our projects take this fundamental idea and surround it with creativity and interactivity to engage consumers at many levels.

From voting, sweepstakes and alerts at live events to multi-layered communication between consumers and brands, we create sustainable, feasible and effective campaigns.

Implementation Phase

We have a full range of management solutions for your mobile service beginning with obtaining short codes to launching mobile services. The wireless application process can be overwhelming and understanding all the intricacies involved is challenging. Our extensive experience and strong relationship with the wireless carriers make it simple and easy for you to launch your campaign. Specifically, we:

Manage the relationship with wireless carriers to launch your service

Manage the short code application process with all US Carriers

Manage the technical complexities with our content management

Create a platform to ensure your mobile service is compliant with MMA and Carrier guidelines

Manage the support process from a consumer standpoint while your mobile campaign is live

Launch Phase

With our turnkey licensed content management platform you will be able to launch your mobile service quickly and easily. Our platform is MMA and carrier complaint so there is no need for development work.

Our Campaign Manager is a web-based platform that gives you access to your service anywhere at any time. GOMOTEXT can be offered as a white-label solution to fit your objectives. From providing ring tones and simple messaging alerts to a viral mobile marketing campaign, GOMOTEXT is an out-of-the-box, fully hosted solution.